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Trent Valleau
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512 800 6608
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How do I get tattooed by Trent Valleau?

To start the process you must submit your idea via the “Contact” link on my page. Please be very thorough when describing your ideas, body placement, and size, and budget if you have one.

When will he read my email?

Trent will personally read all emails and filter through them to determine which projects he wants to take on. Due to the overwhelming amount of emails, there is no way for him to be able to take on every project. Trent will pick the tattoos that he will have the most fun with, usually realistic tattoos such as portraits, skulls, animals, objects or plant life/flowers.

Is there a way to increase my chances of being tattooed by Trent?

Yes. As you will see under the portfolio section of this site, most of the work is realistic. If you are open minded to his ideas and willing to hear his artistic input, the chances of getting tattooed by Trent are much greater. Requests for family portraits/ animal portraits will be considered, but remember if you don’t have a quality photo, don’t expect him to respond or want to do the tattoo. Every project is taken on with consideration that it will be there for life.

What if I get the Auto Response, can I try again to get a tattoo?

To get tattoo by Trent you must be persistent. As I explained earlier he gets a lot of requests and sometimes good ideas can slip through the cracks. If you are sent the auto –response you can always try emailing back with a different idea or waiting a few months before attempting again.

Where does Trent Valleau Tattoo?

Trent is constantly traveling, most likely to a town near you. Trent owns a small private shop in Austin, TX called Taste of Ink. This shop works by appointment only, but you are welcome to walk in to view portfolios and pay your deposit in person.

How much does Trent charge?

Trent charges $100 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. Many smaller tattoos can get done in this frame. If you want a larger or more detailed tattoo such as a portrait or animal, Trent will work out a day rate for you and you will be the only appointment set for that day. That way there is no stress or worry about finishing before the next person comes in.

How much of a deposit do you require?

There is a 20% deposit required for your tattoo. Ex if you want a $600 tattoo your deposit will cost $120. Then you will be expected to pay the remainder before the tattoo is started *Shop Policy.

What if I have a cover up tattoo request?

Trent will consider cover up projects, please send pictures of you tattoo from different angles in outside indirect lighting (in the shade). Many projects may require laser treatment first so don’t be offended or scared when he tells you this. This is a normal process in cover ups and will result in a way better tattoo in the end. If your tattoo is faded or old, the chances of covering without laser are much higher.

Are there any tattoos that Trent Valleau won’t do?

Please look at Trent’s portfolio and read this FAQ before submitting a request. If you have a certain style you are interested in please specify that in your request

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